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At this time, Peter Danish is putting the final touches on his second novel, "Between the Mountains."   It will be available next summer.   In addition, he has completed a collection of short stories, and a business book concerning presentation skills - both will be available in 2014 .

Between the Mountains

A New Mystery

On a journey to a holy shrine, in a war-torn country, five strangers of different faiths and ethnicities are throw together by a twist of fate.  A war and a thousand years of hatred divide them.  But a fortune lies ahead for them if they can forget the past, put asided their differences and work together for one night.  


A mysterious young girl holds the key to unlock a miraculous mystery.   All of their earthly dreams can come true if they can make this happen - and not kill each other in the process.

I Went to the Opera...
And a Hockey Game Broke Out


A New Short Story Collection about bad behaviour at the fine arts, featuring contributions by members of the New York Philharmonic, The Metropolitan Opera and the Met Orchestra.




Gods, Guns & Greed

A New Play

A darkly mysterious comedy set in war-torn Bosnia.  Five strangers separated by predjudice, thrown together by fate encounter a mysterious young girl who may hold the secret to a fortune.  But can they work together without killing each other? 

The Flying Dutchman
A New Musical

The classic ghost story comes to life in an epic new musical, with book, lyrics and music by Peter Danish.

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